From Aurorah Dey Consulting and the Secured Entrepreneur Movement…

“New System Reveals How To Turn Your

Cash Machine Into An

Untouchable Global Empire

Like The Mega Wealthy

And Create The Lifestyle That You

Truly Desire To Live Right Now

… without working longer hours, adding products and services, or hiring more staff”


Dear Entrepreneur,


If you want to discover how to continually grow your business using the same methods as some of the richest families in American history…


If you want to have the best things in life without sacrificing your important relationships…


And if you never want to fear money predators and opportunists picking your pockets…


Then Secured Entrepreneurship could be the most important business shift that you’ll ever make, and here’s why…

But First, a Warning:​

The information and business strategies that will be revealed are only for entrepreneurs who are willing to look at money and business in a different way than they are used to…


And it will only benefit entrepreneurs who are willing to acknowledge that there are unique and legal methods to building businesses designed to produce massive wealth.


This may appear to be a very strange “warning,” however it’s important because...

The Secured Entrepreneur Creates Massive Wealth In Ways Unlike A Traditional Entrepreneur

And it took me finding a key mentor after losing my 6 figure business to learn these strategies and techniques


These strategies are common to savvy wealth builders but the average individual seeking to have success in commerce has no clue that they exist UNTIL NOW.

Through Secured Entrepreneurship entrepreneurs can:​

  • catapult their business growth without working longer hours, adding products or services, or hiring more staff.

  • make the critical tweaks necessary to put their tax preparer out of business and stop looking at tax refunds as revenue streams.​

  • leverage cash flow and OPM to multiply their income streams quickly.​

  • take their businesses international and do big deals with the mega wealthy.

Now You Can Do What Some Of The Wealthiest Families In US History Have Done

For many of you this is going to be uncomfortable because it will require you to do things in a manner which you are not accustomed.


The reality is, what you’ve been doing isn’t really all that exciting - it’s actually stressful and it’s risky too!!!


So if you’re willing to take some simple steps like restructuring your business, letting go of your full time “baby sitting and dog walking” responsibilities, and putting your ego aside then you will see dramatic changes in your life and your lifestyle.


I know this eliminates a lot of entrepreneurs however this is exactly the reason why there is something called the “1%.”… Only a small percentage of entrepreneurs are willing to make big moves.

With that said, let me tell you what Secured Entrepreneurship is about …

Secured Entrepreneurship is about massive wealth building through properly structured legal entities designed to generate, protect and multiply revenue. 


Secured Entrepreneurs are properly positioned to tap into Other People's Money (OPM) and enjoy lucrative Joint Venture Opportunities and multiple income streams.

Secured Entrepreneurship is MORE than just money. It’s about:

  • Financial Security And Anonymity

  • Tax Free Wealth

  • Access To Unlimited CASH And High Limit CREDIT

  • Luxury Lifestyles

  • Lasting Legacies

  • Relationships With Like Minded Individuals

  • National And Global Impact

Secured Entrepreneurship Is A Movement

I want to transform the lives and the businesses of as many entrepreneurs around the world as possible. Why? Because I believe that the individuals who work so hard to bring value to others deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor and not become a target of unethical predators who seek to rape and rob them. I know this sounds ugly and extreme but it’s happening and there’s really no other way to describe the atrocious abuse towards good people doing good work!

Here’s What To Do Next​:

Since you have read this far, clearly there is something here that is attractive to you. There’s something here that resonates with how you want to live your life. So now, you owe it to yourself to explore your options.


Click the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation with an ADC Team Member who will help you:

  • Identify how you are currently running your business.

  • Understand your business and wealth building goals.

  • Clarify the core needs of your business (credit-legal structure) in order to meet those goals.

  • Decide on the next steps necessary to begin your wealth building journey.

Are You Ready To Join The Movement?

Let's Find Out...

P.S. As a BONUS, you will get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our video training "The Secured Entrepreneur Blueprint" where we show you The 4 Critical Steps You Need To Turn Your Business Into An Untouchable Multi-Million Dollar Empire.

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