Top 3 Online Investment Brokers For Beginners

In this video, we talk about the top 3 online investment brokers for beginners. For the secured entrepreneurs who are working on your income streams and are ready to start your investment accounts, I am suggesting TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and Merrill Edge because of the education given and excellent customer service. Do your research and get started!

How To Remove A Member Of Your LLC

In today's video, I answered Franchesca's question about removing a woman from her limited liability company. She wants to separate herself from this individual because of some lifestyle choices being made that she is not in alignment with. Here's the question. If you had a talented person on your team who could actually deliver despite their adverse habits, would you move forward with them and act like what they are doing doesn't bother you or isn't affecting your business? Or, would you part ways because of your own integrity? YOU CHIME IN!

Tax Deduction For Uber And Lyft Drivers

In this episode of the Secured Entrepreneur Movement, we answer Todd's question about tax deductions as an Uber driver.


The 2017 Tax Act includes new Internal Revenue Code § 199A, which provides that individuals who are independent contractors can qualify for a 20 percent tax deduction on their independent contractor income without further requirements being met as long as they are engaged in a trade or business and make less than $315,000.00 in taxable income with their spouse if they are married filing jointly, or $157,500.00 of taxable income if filing a single return.


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