"I help top performing entrepreneurs build, protect, and multiply wealth" 

-Aurorah Dey


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  • Moving and multiplying money through properly structured legal entities gives you the ability to double your profits, make secured investments, and legally avoid taxation for generations to come with ease!

  • "Protecting Your Business Starts BEFORE You Open For Business"

Anonymous LLC's, Holding Companies, Private Trusts, Business Capital, Wealth Cycles To Expand Your Business

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Power Hour

Private 1 Hour Strategy Session With Aurorah

This one-on-one Strategy Session with Aurorah will help you:
*Identify the correct legal structure needed to form and operate your business
*Clarify roles of key individuals or other legal entities designated for daily operations of your business
*Identify necessary contracts and best privacy positioning for your business
*Examine your banking and credit related goals and opportunities

*Receive a CUSTOMIZED BUSINESS BLUEPRINT tailored to support your business and financial goals


Private Strategy Days Designed For New & Seasoned Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Properly Structure Their Businesses

This VIP Day with Aurorah will consist of:

*Structuring or re-structuring your legal entities and wealth cycles both personal and professional

*Completion of chosen business entities, contracts, and related trusts (family, business, religious)

*Thorough training on the proper use of all legal entities

*Luxury breakfast and lunch

*Recording of the full day and blueprints of all customized wealth cycles and more


Group programs designed to introduce participants to Secured Entrepreneurship

Group programs conducted by Aurorah and hosted by you are:

*Intensive educational experiences that show participants how to apply wealth protection strategies and techniques for use in their daily lives

*Limited to 12 participants allowing everyone to have some personal attention and a chance to discuss their business challenges

*2 days depending on the direction of each group

*Luxury lunch and dinner

*Recording of the full day and completed business blueprints

Build. Protect. Multiply.

Our mission is to secure your legacy by providing you with cutting edge wealth building and asset protection strategies and techniques. We are dedicated to assisting you structure your income, possessions, and real estate investments to cause you to be in and maintain a dominant legal and financial position at all times.


Combination Of Specific Asset Protection Tools And Rapid Wealth Building Strategies That Shield Physicians And Their Valuables From Medical Malpractice As Well As Non-Malpractice Claims.


The Ultimate Structured Entities For Real Estate Investments And Dividends From Real Estate Investment Trusts.


Private Legal Entities That Provide Protection And Enhance Wealth Specifically For Ministers, Churches, Faith Based Organizations, Light Workers, Healers, And Spiritpreneurs.


  • Corporate And Trust Services that we offer include (but are not limited to):

    Amendment Filing
    Annual Report/Statement of Information
    ByLaws/Operating Agreement/Minutes/Resolutions
    Family Limited Partnerships
    Invisible LLC
    C Corporation
    S Corporation

  • Asset Protection Trusts and services that we offer include (but are not limited to):

    Banking Trusts
    Business Trusts
    Domestic Asset Protection Trusts
    Family Trusts
    Guardian Trusts
    Land Trusts
    Living Trusts
    Marital Trusts

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